Development of mobile applications

Cross-platform mobile applications developed in HTML 5 / JavaScript language offer many significant benefits to customers. They are fully operational by:

Benefits of cross-platform mobile application

The customer who chooses a cross-platform mobile application the benefits are: cost-savings, time reduction of application development and last but not least, three functional applications at time.

Cross-platform mobile applications by InterWay are based on HTML 5. HTML 5 is a programming language for creating documents that are displayed by web browsers. Though it was developed by a CERN programmer in 1900, it is still evolving and being improved.

Cross-platform mobile applications behave identically as native applications; they are available in AppStore as well as in Android Market (the new Google Play Store) either as paid or free applications. Unlike conventional web sites optimized for mobile devices, these applications can fully access the hardware and can use camera, address book, local database, notifications as well as other phone/tablet features.

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