Development of mobile applications

TOP 10 reasons why the mobile application is important for your business

  • Personalisation
    gets you closer to you customers. Mobile device is almost always (24/7) with your customer.
  • Interactivity
    interactive forms of applications are particularly interesting for your customers.
  • Building loyalty
    is a long-term benefit for your company. A satisfied customer is the goal of any company.
  • Strengthening your brand
    a company with a mobile application is trendy; each user downloading the application can use the application anytime and anywhere.
  • Complex calculation /reporting
    applications designed for sales representatives, various calculators and useful application for employees/customers.
  • Inexpensive and efficient form of advertising
    continuous connection with customer allows you to provide latest information for your target group.
  • Monitoring the customer behaviour
    monitoring of measurable factors of your customers´ behaviour allows you to customize the application according to the findings.
  • Useful and current information
    customers appreciate quick access to the important information.
  • A modern company monitors the trends and growth in number of users of mobile devices and mobile applications.
  • And more...

Our advantage

We develop mobile applications that are easily available and user-friendly. They are designed for different platforms, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows and they use the latest technology HTML 5.

Our solution protects your investments from budget increase by development of application usable in every operating system and operating on every platform (tablet, mobile phone).

Mobile application trends

  • The most significant growth in mobile phones was recorded by smart phones in 2011. The operating system Android is currently the most widely used system in smart phones.
  • 5.9 billions of mobile phone users.
  • 1.2 billions of mobile application users.
  • 25 % of mobile application users are "online" only via their mobile phone.
  • The most commonly used mobile applications are related to news, information weather forecast, social networking, search and maps. Significant applications include applications for: banking, travelling, business, local information, news, video, sports, blogs, games, social media, maps and music.
  • According to the calculations of IDC Co. , the estimated number of applications downloaded in 2014 would reach 76.9 billion.
  • Two times higher website traffic using the mobile device per year.

The latest trends demonstrate the importance of mobile applications. If you care about your future, ask for a tentative price calculation


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